Monday, July 22, 2019


Food is a large part of what makes a culture or region vary and self-identify itself. As for civilians living in India, Nepal, and even Bangladesh, they have grown to acquire the name Musahars. Musahars stems from the meaning of “rat eater.” As shown in the video, natives of these lands have grown to normalize the eating of rats. Although the area is poverty struck and low protein is available, the Musahars continue to catch and roast rats. Due to their low finances and insufficient funding, unfortunately these civilians are ultimately left with nothing else but rats to eat. Differences of the world are stretched far and wide from clothing, religion, beliefs, finances, and most popularly food. In America, I feel as though it would be very strange to hear of a restaurant or supermarket selling rat meat. Rats are characterized as disgusting, disease carrying, unwelcomed varmints. I cannot imagine seeing someone willingly consume a roasted rat. I do not know if this reaction of mine would stem from the vision I hold of rats or the fact that I indeed have a food neophobia. A meal has to look quite appetizing for me to even consider getting close to it. I realize how fortunate I truly am to have grown up in an area where chicken and beef are abundant. This link is to an article which discusses the financial struggles the Musahars deal with and how they have grown to be known as “rat eaters.” 

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