Sunday, July 28, 2019

Mate Poaching vs. Cheating

When learning that there was a name for people who pursue others in a relationship I was genuinely surprised. Within the reproduction slides we learned about what we subconscious go through when looking for a potential partner as well as what we as humans value. Near the end of the slide we learn that “homewreckers” actions have an official name and it’s mate poaching.This then made me question why people cheat if we already went through our value process that put us in the relationship. If we find that in a relationship our partner’s mate value is lower than someone else's why don't we as people leave the relationship and go with the other person.  I understand that that will use the argument of “feelings are involved” however, feelings were always involved though they were not thought about when the cheating action was happening. Below is a study done on who is more likely to involve in mate poaching as well as why it happens.’s-why

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  1. Hi Zaiyana - I liked your post and study you attached. I too was surprised about the term "mate poaching"! Its much more professional than the words I've used.