Monday, August 1, 2022

The Power of Habits book report

    The Power of Habits is a motivational novel written by Charles Duhigg. In this book he discusses why habits exist in the first place, and what we can do to change those already existing habits. We all can be held down by lingering and nonproductive habits, but the hardest part is breaking them once they've already been made. Duhigg teaches us new approaches and outlooks on how to change be a new person and discover how successful you can be once these habits are broken. 

  One of my favorite discussions from this book was in Chapter 5. In this chapter, Duhigg discussed Travis and how by simply getting a job at Starbucks, he was able to turn his life completely around from being a child of drug addicts. Starbucks really focused on his willpower and self-control of his anger. I think this is so important and other companies should follow suit. Travis' IQ level or education was not a factor in whether or not he could be a functioning and hardworking employee at Starbucks. With the difficulties and trouble he had gone through with drugs, having this job really helped push him forward in the right direction. Duhigg then talked about willpower and if you turn it into an automatic habit, it could only work in your favor. 

  This book relates to this class in many ways. Throughout it, it discusses motivation itself, willpower, self-control, rewards, and more. Many things can be tied back to the discussions in this class. The habits that can be broken simply by having self-control and motivation are something that was highlighted throughout The Power of Habits. In class, we were able to discuss and see the psychology behind all these topics. So it was very interesting to see how they correlate to everyday life as well. 

This video discusses the development of habits and had some very interesting takes. 

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