Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Procrastination is something we all have encountered multiple times in our lives, but what happens when we can’t stop? Unfortunately, there are many negative consequences when we can’t stop and some of the reasons why people tend to procrastinate are because their goals are unreasonable, they have a fear failure, and they struggle with perfectionism. I honestly believe that it is easy to construct goals for ourselves that are unreasonable because we may struggle with structure in our lives that one may not notice when a goal is unattainable. The fear of failure is an interesting reason for someone to procrastinate because people who use this reason use it as a coping mechanism to protect themselves from failure. It’s an interesting coping mechanism because it’s really just harming them and not helping them to believe in their self. Now, people who struggle with perfectionism are also harming themselves because no matter how many times they fix something again, they will not feel satisfied with their result, and it makes them look like procrastinators in the end.

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