Thursday, August 4, 2022


 Facing challenges and disappointments in life can be very tiring both mentally and physically. But in the face of adversity lies room for potential growth and motivation. They also can be great opportunities to learn about yourself and the world. Although it is easier said than done, having a good mindset through times of adversity can help you conquer the tough times easier. Instead of having a naïve mindset that everything will work out in the end, we should think about what it would be like to lose the people or things in life that we cherish most from time to time. Some don't do well in times of adversity, and most of the time they don't come back from it. Others however, see it as a goal or an opportunity to accomplish something with their back against the wall, which in turn gives them motivation to keep going in life. When things go south, don't ask why is this happening to me, instead embrace the challenge. Once you have come back from adversity, your brain is trained now understands what to do next time you do face challenging times. For me personally, I have had times of adversity my whole life. When I was younger, I would usually fall to it and dwell in sadness or anger. As I got older and I started to face serious adversity, I then started to face and embrace it more and more. By now I am able to embrace adversity and realize that it is only up from here, and that only positive change is coming my way. 

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  1. Hi Devin!!! Inspirational post!! I would say for myself I still struggle with adversity but I am working on not dwelling on the bad things that happen to me. I hope to be like you where I can embrace adversity instead of feeling sorry for myself!