Sunday, August 7, 2022

Post 1: Reproduction

 For some people finding a partner can come easy and for others it make take more time. Is it biology, standards, or just pure attractiveness to someone? Sexual selection is one sex selecting an individual for mating based on some traits including physical attractiveness. Though, there is more involved that goes beyond just physical traits, many time people take into consideration things such as, ambition, desire for children, humor, compassion, etc. Men tend to look for women with attractive features as this is believed to be linked to being fertile and having healthy offspring. Women lean more towards men they feel will be able to provide and support for a family. Overall, selecting a mate has several factors but many of them have to do with some sort of attractiveness or the likeness of being about to produce children. 

In the video clip, the man describes mate value and how each part contributes to what can make someone have a high or low mate value.

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