Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

 An example from our class relating to empathy and compassion is the voyage of Ernest Shackleton and his crew who set off to concur the Antarctic. My experience in reading this book was that I had a lot of Empathy, Compassion, and was astonished about the huge amount of motivation that was portrayed in this book “Endurance”, and adventure that he undertook. To sum it up he had a passion of a goal and shared this with 27 men that he led, and although he was motivated in a sense that I would take as being mostly positive, there were at times, almost all of the time that he was endangering the entire crew with his motivation for doing so. But at the same time Ernest Shackleton could never be accused of this because of his positive empathy and compassion for all of his crew, and to me is an example of a brave and caring leader on this voyage. And related to Motivation on a positive level, what he and his crew put on the table is and has been beyond to this date in an example that we in a future social society could never imagine for its real meaning of motivation. Let us face it, in my world with my Motivation as I see I would have never lasted a week on this voyage, let alone would have been at any extent what Ernest Shackleton and his crew were with Endurance, Motivation, compassion, and what Empathy is all about in that time of history! Please share any thoughts as a class with me about this and thanks for listening!

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