Sunday, August 7, 2022

Conditioned Taste Aversions


Conditioned Taste Aversion

Some people have lifelong taste aversions to food due to conditioned responses in their past.  If someone has a terrible experience with a stomach illness near eating a specific food, that person can prefer to not eat that food in the future because they believe that food will lead to a negative response.  This conditioned taste aversion can happen after one specific memorable episode, or can happen after several smaller, less memorable negative responses happen over time.  These taste aversion stimuli can be outside or environmental factors that have nothing to do with the food itself.  A person could ultimately spend their entire life avoiding a specific type or kind of food that is otherwise enjoyable to most of the population.





  1. Hi kristen! I can very much. agree with this! I had an experience as a child with mayo , I had a mayo and cheese sandwich where I got sick from it to the point where I threw up the whole sandwich, I was also on a airplane and i was six years old but ever since then, I will not eat mayo or put it on anything. The smell of it makes me sick still!

  2. Hi Kristen! I agree with this post 100%. When i was younger I had a bad experience with red peppers. Ever since that day the smell of cooked peppers makes me feel sick. It has been about 15 years since that happened and I really hope that this aversion will not last for the rest of my life.