Monday, August 1, 2022

Stress Eating

 As a college student, we are all stressed. According to the Cleveland Clinic, when someone is stressed their bodies sends out Cortisol, which makes you crave sugar, fat, and salt. This causes your brain to fuel up to fight what your body thinks is causing the stress. Many people over eat when they are stressed because this mind and body function. This leads to many busy or stressed people grabbing salty or fatty foods to suppress their hungry or stress causing them to overeat and not make healthy choices. I thought this was so interesting because we often see that obesity is a big issue in America and this can be linked to stress and fast paced careers or life in general.

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  1. Hi Samantha! I always wondered why when I get overwhelmed or stressed I am unable to eat or even think about eating because it just makes me even more stressed thinking about what i want lol. Instead I keep myself occupied by doing things such as going for a walk or just keep on stressing.I never really looked into what causes stress eating and why it is so hard for me to eat when I am stressed because the overall the reasons I am stressed have absolutely nothing to do with me being hungry. After reading the article you attached I got a really good understanding on how stress relates to my bodily functions specifically. In my case i tend to ignore all other cues my body sends me such as suppressing my appetite, because I am so focused on the situation that is stressing me out. Really educational article, thanks!