Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Self Control

 Dealing with self-control is very hard for everyone. Having self-control can mean to know when to control yourself with your own emotions, or desires that may not be the best for you. It's in order to avoid bad habits that may start to occur. For example, I know when it comes to food, I don't have any self-control. I want to eat what I enjoy but I know the food I eat isn't the best for me. I believe that you have to train your brain to tell yourself you don't necessarily "need" that craving. It's all in your head. There are a few ways you can teach yourself self-control such as avoiding your temptations, plan things to avoid, focus on one goal at a time, and practice using self-control to improve your will power. 

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  1. Yes agreed, self-control is a tough nut to crack, just when we think that we have it we lose control, and it is sometimes relentless! Emotions and desires seem to always throw us off balance and I once read that these are useless traits but oh well how can anyone ever be able to shut these components of our being off? I do not ever think that we can do so as our emotions and desires govern us and are attached to us as a blueprint that all humans have in common. Your example of food is a one that I can relate to, I love food and overeat on a daily basis, I know that it’s wrong to do so but that never stops me from doing so. I guess I ignore willpower and am selfish in doing so but that is the beast that I have to deal with now. You are right that self-control can be modified and improved thru practice and discipline, thanks for sharing this!