Wednesday, August 3, 2022



Yet another relevant subject that motivates us to pursue our pleasure in eating. Before I comment on this, I would like to share my recent issues with the wonderful world of foods, and the pleasure of eating. Last February I lost two senses, Taste and Smell, and to this day I have not gotten them back. When this first happened, I was tested two times for COVID but tested negative both times. Prior to this last Summer I had taken the Perception course in Psychology and never imagined what it would be like to suffer a loss of any senses and read about people who have lost some or mostly all of them. This all seemed unreal. Fast forward to the present, I cannot even smell the most noxious chemicals such as propane or gasoline let alone the foods that I favor. When I try to taste I go from memory to try to reformulate the pleasures that I cannot now experience. It somewhat works but memory seems to disintegrate as time goes on. At this point a motivational step is to go to the doctors and get checked out on a medical level and see what is going on. In relation to our class in Motivation perhaps this would help me out with my issue.   What I mean here is I am at loss for my existing condition and need to stop procrastinating about my current situation and move forward. The purpose of this blog is to try to explain what motivates us and what happens when this is taken away. One reaction is that we, Or I tend to procrastinate and make it a more dyer situation, this is what happened to me in this situation.

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