Monday, August 1, 2022

Psychoactive Drugs

 Drugs are all around us in the world and we do not even realize it. A psychoactive drugs is something that can "affect how the brain works and causes changes in mood, awareness, thoughts, feelings, or behaviors." When you think of drugs, many of us think of illegal substances however, caffeine and nicotine are legal drugs. Caffeine is the most common psychoactive drug because it can "speed up your breathing, heart rate, thoughts, and actions." If often makes people feel more awake and alert throughout their day. People who drink caffeine, whether it is coffee, soda, or energy drinks often feel more on top of things and like they are more ready to take on what the day brings. This causes them to feel the need to always have caffeine in their systems on a daily. "at least 80% of the adult population consumes caffeine in amounts large enough to have an effect of the brain."

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