Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Mere Exposure Effect

 The mere exposure effect is something that a lot of people can relate to and may not even realize. This is when people tend to be more fond of things that they are familiar and comfortable with rather than unfamiliar with. This can relate to a large range of things whether it be food, people or places. For example, people can be hesitant to try foods that may not be in the norm in their culture or that they have never seen before. If they begin to try that food they may think its okay the first time and then the second time it will be slightly better an the more a person can get accustomed and familiar with a food they will enjoy it more. Another example could be relating to people. Lets say you meet a new coworker and at first you guys are just acquaintances, but as you guys work more and more together and get more comfortable with one another they will tend to develop a relationship. I think this is very interesting due to the fact that it can happen subconsciously and can happen in everyday scenarios.

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  1. Hi Milo! Interesting post! Seeing you break down a common habit that we all have is quite interesting. Especially the development of friendships! Meeting new people and building friendships can take a while, especially if they have a personality that one isn't used to. With trying new foods I will say that I used to be like this and as I grew up I found trying new things wasn't so scary even if it was unfamiliar.