Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Healing From Spouse's Substance Abuse

In general, relationships thrive and rely on trust, communication, respect, and commitment. However, when a romantic partner has a substance abuse problem it affects many of these key components. Not only does it affect the relationship, but it also affects the partner who is not addicted. Whether the couple divorce or not, one thing remains, the trauma of the partner who had to endure and witness the substance abuse of their partner. It’s an exhausting and draining journey they have had to endure, that it’s normal that they need time to heal from their spouse’s addiction. Some ways to heal from their trauma is by seeking counseling services, establishing clear and healthy boundaries with their spouse or ex-spouse, showing some self-compassion, taking the time to do some self-care routines, and seeking supportive friends and family members. It may take them time to heal, but they deserve it after all they have had to endure.


  1. I love this perspective on substance abuse because often times people only talk about how the abuse effects the abuser instead of those who were also around. People like family members and friends are also effected and often traumatized from dealing with a roller coaster disease such as drug abuse.

  2. This is a great point. Many people only think about how the substance effects the abuser but not how the person who is struggling is effecting the people who surround him or her.