Monday, August 1, 2022

Book Report

 The book I chose to read was "The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg". This book provides examples of different types of habits people have and how they are able to overcome them. He then, had come up with a 3-step loop: cue, routine, and reward. He also talks about different types of habits we all may experience and gives advice on how to stop them whether they are good or bad. He talks about how habits start, and once they start, they can be stopped. 

My favorite part of the book was just giving life examples of how everyone overcame their habits. For example, my favorite was about Travis who had struggled with anger management, had drug addict parents, and couldn't keep a job. Finally, he wanted to get his life together and found a job at Starbucks. This was where he turned his life completely around because he was tired of going through the same old habits all the time. I thought that this was very inspiring. Although he had suffered with his anger problems, and his parents struggling as well, he wanted to do better for himself. 

I thought this book was a great example that related to this course. In the course it talks about complex schedules. A lot of the times, we fall into bad habits because of our crazy schedules whether it be work, school, hobbies, etc., many people struggle to find time into doing that's most important. They are unable to do what they want to do. Sometimes, we may not be able to make time for things that we really want to do. We may become lazy or tired. This is where the bad habits occur. Since we are used to a hectic schedule, it may be hard to balance everything. This can relate to the book because it talks about how we fall into habits because we are used to them but sometimes, they aren't good for our physical or mental health. 

After reading this book, I felt that I've related to habits I've had in the past or even now. We all struggle with different habits whether they may be good or bad. For example, I used to go get iced coffee every single day. It was to the point; I was gaining weight and even when I didn't want to have iced coffee, I would still go get it because it was a part of my routine. Luckily, I tried to start working out in the mornings instead or made coffee at home. Eventually, I was able to tell myself I didn't need or want it and got out of going all the time. Until this day, I have coffee once in a while but not every day anymore and I'm glad I don't drink it or rely on it anymore and feel so much better.

Here's a link to watch to understand how to get out of bad habits and why we do the things we do. 

How to Break Bad Habits - YouTube

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