Sunday, August 7, 2022

POST 1- Addiction

    Many people go through addiction. Addiction us something where you can’t let something go rather it be drugs or alcohol or or something even legal, like caffeine. It’s being stuck to some thing and not being able to let it go. It’s very dangerous being addicted to alcohol or drugs because if a person overdoses on it they could potentially die and not be saved. Addiction shouldn’t be taken lightly and as soon as a person feels like they can’t live without that one substance that is really bad for them they should immediately stop. People have died and suffered and times have changed now where people should think better for themselves but addiction is only bringing them down.


  1. Hi Maryam, I too choose to write about addiction. Addiction is considered a disease which makes it very difficult for a person with addiction to "just stop" when it takes over their entire lives. I also agree that addiction is not something that should be taken lightly wether it means a person can not function without their coffee in the morning, cant go to bed without smoking weed, or not being able to function without heroine. Addiction is addiction no matter what the substance and it needs to be talked about more. I think that we as a society shouldn't just think of "heroine" or "opioids" when we hear the word addiction, but think of addiction as anything that you cant live without on a day to day basis.

  2. Hey Maryam! I chose to write about addiction as well. It's honestly a very interesting (albeit a bit sad), topic to study. I've always wondered how our bodies could crave and be dependent on these substances/actions that seem to inevitably hurt us and cause us pain, but sometimes the chemicals in these products are too overwhelming.

  3. Hey Maryam! Addiction is a very interesting topic. Not only can you get addicted to drugs or alcohol but, you can be addicted to things like you said caffeine or even smoking. When you think of addiction however you society thinks of drugs which I believe people should think of more than just that because you can be addicted to anything. Addiction sadly does bring a lot of people down and most of addiction leads to people suffering or even death.