Sunday, August 7, 2022

Post 2: Drugs

 Psychoactive drugs have a very large range as to what they can be and how often they are used and/ or abused. Psychoactive drugs are drugs that alter mood and behaviors, all of which can be different for the user. These drugs can range from things like caffeine and nicotine to more extreme like methamphetamine and heroine. These drugs are addictive substances that can ruin lives, typically the substances like alcohol, meth, cocaine, etc. Signs of addiction are the intense feeling of craving the drug at all times or needing it to function. Trying to quit using these types of drugs can be very challenging and requires treatment or programs, when it is a bad drug addiction. The feeling the drug gives a person can cause dependence whether it be something like coffee or a vape to cocaine or pills.


  1. Hi Jillian! I also agree that quitting these drugs can be very challenging! I am in the process of cutting down my caffeine intake and I can seriously believe that it is challenging since I am undergoing headaches everyday due to it.

  2. Hi Jillian! The concept of drugs and really anything chemical related has always been interesting to me (from a studying perspective). I've always found it curious that oftentimes the answer to quitting drugs, is to be put on a safer, cleaner drug to rid your body of the harmful chemicals. Quitting drugs, particularly late in usage, can be very difficult indeed.

  3. Hey Jillian! Drugs are used for all sorts of things like decreasing pain levels and also like you said it can be used to alter moods and behaviors. Drugs can also be very addicted and can make people suffer and even lead them to death. It is also very interesting that programs use drugs to get people who are addicted to drugs off of them. People who depend on drugs will do anything and everything for drugs. They crave the feelings it gives them and over time they want more and more. Drugs and the chemicals within them are very interesting.