Sunday, August 7, 2022

Rewards and Conditioning

 I enjoyed the lecture on rewards and conditioning. Around my birthday I rescued a puppy from the animal shelter and named her Luna. She was not house trained  or leash trained when I received her. I had to put puppy pads everywhere and when we went for walks she was scared. In order to house train her I gave her a treat and said “good girl” every time she went on the puppy pad and not  the floor. Soon after I began to walk her more and she went to the bathroom outside. I then began to give her treats every time she went. Giving her those rewards while going outside resulted in her being house trained. Now she is able to wait until my lunch break or until I get off of work to use the bathroom. She also has learned that every time I grab her leash she we are going for a walk so she sits by the door and waits.

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