Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yoga For Depression and Anxiety

Everyone in the world is affected by some sort of stress or stressor. Some people are even affected by anxiety or depression as well. I feel that it is absolutely necessary in today's society to have something that will help you unwind. I feel that are lives become increasingly more and more busy each and everyday and Yoga has helped me to refocus a little bit each day. When is the last time that you took 10 minutes for yourself and just sat down and did absolutely nothing and tried to refocus on yourself? Seriously answer that question to yourself. I bet the answer is not everyday you can and will let yourself have those 10 minutes to regroup. I have found that yoga is increasingly more popular than it has ever been and I' so glad that people are finding some relief in their lives. Sometimes I find myself getting so caught up in everyday life that I never take those much needed minutes for myself.
Depression and anxiety are two very common diseases and yoga is something that has been very affective for people suffering. By reducing perceived stress and anxiety, yoga appears to modulate stress response systems. This, in turn, decreases physiological arousal — for example, reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and easing respiration. There is also evidence that yoga practices help increase heart rate variability, an indicator of the body's ability to respond to stress more flexibly (Harvard Health and Stress Center). The positive effects are staggering. This will hopefully help someone in need of unwinding or just to refocus their life and regroup.

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