Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anorexia/Bulimia Project

This post is scary just watching it. I can only imagine the pain that is caused from these diseases. They affect so many lives in the world and people can't stop them even after all of the education we have on the diseases. Addiction is something that is physical and psychological as well. These men and women look into the mirror and still see fat in places that are just skin and bones. But in their eyes and mind they are fat and think everybody see fat. Addiction is a scary recipe for disaster. There are many people in the world that can't beat their addiction and loose their battle to the disease, drug, etc.. It is very hard to truly understand how these people's minds work when we can see skin and bones and they see fat. This type of addiction can be from any source including modeling or sports. The pressure that they have to be more fit or more skinny to prove themselves to the public is how this disease can begins and then it usually just escalates into a much bigger problem. Psychologically these individuals who are affected by addiction need long term treatment and it is not something one can just get over. It affects their minds and counseling must be their number one priority in order to get better. I personally have seen someone that was affected with this disease and she is better now but she is still in counseling and struggling with her eyes and mind everyday.

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