Thursday, December 9, 2010

The power of emotions

Emotions can be classified, according to your personal experience, into three different categories: happiness, sadness, and anger. First of all, there is happiness. Happiness has no limits, for it can be felt at any time, any place and to any person. It cannot be hunted for; it is not obvious, but inscrutable. Happiness is realized by understanding one's self, which is completely a personal experience. For instance, a person may find happiness in one thing, whereas someone else may in another. Happiness is what we let it be, and even though carry the abilty to let ourselves be happy, we rarely do. The second catagory that emotions can be fall into is sadness. Why is the quest for happiness left us more vulnerable and sad? Are we a society of people who are all looking for happiness and disappinted with what we find? In most cases, sadness leaves us in a state of depression and unstableness. When you become sad you feel as though you hate life at the present time and in most instances you cry, become depressed and feel like your sadness will be everlasting. If we were always happy and never expressed our sadness, it would eventually build up and one day we would just explode, and mabye go into a form of deep depression. The last but not least of the catagories of emotion is anger. Quick to rise, and even quicker to lash out, the simple emotion of anger has the power to destroy and create. Anger is not always a bad emotion. Without anger lives would be lost, tyranny would go unopposed, and inhumanities would be quietly accepted. Anger, the most powerful and feared emotion of the soul's repertoire, destroys and created in the same breath. Moving from one person to the next anger is an every present force in our world, and has been since the beginning of time. Anger is a great objective cycle: destroying what it created and creating what it destroys. Various people look at emotions in different ways. Everyday we experience different types of emotions, including happiness, sadness and anger. Every emotion means and is dealt with differently by each and every one of us; we have the choice of how we let them affect our lives


  1. this is interesting and makes you think but i wouldnt say that our socitey is always dissapointed when we try to find happiness and dont succeed. i just learned in my social pysch class that anger causes frustration which leads to aggression which means anger can definitely be a scary thing sometimes.

  2. I think its amazing how motivating emotions are. Negative emotions definitely lead into other emotions, I agree with Brittany. I feel like anger and happiness are the most motivating emotions. When your angry, you are motivated to do things you might not normally consider. The same goes for extreme happiness

  3. This post I can relate to because as a woman I feel that emotions are a big part of my life. Happiness, sadness, and anger affects each and every one of us and it's very motivating to learn about each of these emotions. We each do things differently and act differently to certain circumstances and this post made me realize that before I am angry and let that aggression our or do something or say something I don't mean maybe I can take an extra look and realize why I am at that point.