Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Post

Motivation is such a broad term. It's basic definition is "the driving force that causes us to reach our goals". In this class we learned that the simple word can be used in so many different ways and have so many different meanings. There is also so much that it entails. Motivation can lead to an action or change in behavior. It can also lead to a motive. A motive is an internal disposition to approach or even avoid an incentive. Incentives are environmental stimulus that attracts or repels. An incentive can be a source of motivation. Incentives are what pulls us while motives are what pushes us to that incentive or goal. Incentive can be positive and negative. A positive incentive, like a good grade, can motivate us to study. A negative incentive, such as losing a loved one can motivate us to avoid getting close to someone.
Life seems to be full of incentives and motives. Some times event can cause people to lose their motivation. Those incentives, though important can sometimes change or lose their appeal as well. I'm sure most people go through similar situations, but this semester has been one of many that that haven't been the easiest for me. I dealt with relationship issues, friendship issues, family issues, lost a couple close relatives, and watched other family members get older and sicker. In the midst of everything thing, keeping up with my job and school seemed to get harder and harder. I seemed to lose my motivation. My goals now seem unclear and emotions seemed to put a damper on my motivation toward everything. Like we also learned in class, I seemed to show avoidance toward my school work and relationships with others. With all the negative things going on around me I guess I let fear take over. I became easily overwhelmed and was afraid of either failing to not achieving anything.
It may sound like a corny cliche, but as we got into the later chapters I began to relate a lot more to the class. I am the type of person that may over think. I want to learn and understand each situation, which I learned is called the "need for cognition". However, in order to cope, I began to realize that some things I may never understand. I recognized my autonomy, I am responsible for my own actions and I can not use bad things happening as an excuse. I know I am competent, capable to do whatever I put my mind to.
Emotions,motivation,behaviors toward different events, incentives,motives, and goals are all a part of human nature. Understanding that helps me realize I am not alone. I am now working on my self-esteem and trying to figure out my long term goals again. My dreams and goals have changed every time something happens in my life. Like most, I have not had it easy, but I know there are people worse off then me. I can use my experiences and understanding as motivation. They will be my push to get wherever I decide to go. One of my goals has always been to help whoever I can in any way I can. I look forward to getting back to working hard toward some of my original goals. This class actually helped motivate me to figure everything out again and be the person I know I can be.

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  1. It's good that you have a realization of what pushes you to achieve your goals. Motivation can be present in so many ways, at different times, etc. Good luck with your future goals.