Monday, December 13, 2010

Final Post

Although we all might have understood what motivation generally means, this class really broke it down for me. We are all motivated everyday of our lives, and don't even realize that we are motivated or what is really motivating us. From the little everyday things to the large sources of motivation, we are constantly being pushed and pulled in order to continue to live. We are motivated to eat because our body needs nourishment to live. Same goes with drinking. We are also motivated to sleep because our body needs physical rest. However, there are many things that we do that we may not realize just why we are motivated or that we are even motivated to do these things. It is extremely common for college students to go out and drink. Why is this? There are a lot of reasons. A big contributor to negative influences is the media. The media motivates us to do what they want us to do because it makes them money. We are motivated to go out and get drunk because we see it on television, movies, and hear it in music. In other countries, alcohol is much more respected. Some other countries allow their children to drink from a much younger age but they are much more responsible. They don't go out to get hammered every night. We are taught that this is cool, this is the fun things to do. Don't get me wrong; I am one of these students, I love going out and getting wasted. However, if no one had told me that this would be fun and if it wasn't portrayed in everything we see, then would I have ever started to do this? I can't be sure but I want to say that things might be a little different. Why do we dress the way we do? Girls are taught to dress against everything that their parents want. Younger and younger girls are starting to dress less appropriate. Their are 12 year old girls running around in things that I didnt personally see girls wearing until they were at least 16. My friend is a teacher in fl and she has 2 12 year old girls with kids. I couldnt believe it when she told me. Our generation was surprised when 18 year olds were having babies. Now the younger generations are much more influenced by what they see on tv and hear in music because these messages are geared towards them. I wish i knew why, but i really dont have an answer. In conclusion, i think that we need to start paying attention to what really motivates us, and if these things are actually the correct sources of motivation. Classes like this one will help people understand why or how they are motivated, which is just as important at the actualy motivation. I am providing a link to youtube that I suggest people watch. Its pretty interesting..

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