Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sensation Seeking-Gambling

Sensation Seeking, as discussed in chapter 8, is a trait that causes people to be willing to take legal, physical, social, or financial risks that are potentially harmful to them, , sometimes disregarding the consequences. Gambling is a form of sensation seeking. In this clip, this woman spoke about how gambling took over her life; causing her to loose her job and almost lost her family. The risk of gambling to double her money outweight the importance of being responsible.


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  2. This is a very interesting post because humans can become addicted to so many things so easily and it is so hard to resist this temptation. Some people can't resist this temptation and then things like what happened to these women happen. A lot of people think that gambling is not as serious of an addiction as drugs but in reality it can be just as bad or even worse depending on the situation.