Monday, December 13, 2010

the FINALLLL post!

So as I am sitting here reviewing this last semester, so many different thoughts are coming to my head. Upon taking this class, I never realized all of the different factors that effect motivation and how motivation truly plays into every part of my life. I always thought motivation was just about doing what you wanted to do. Everyday of my life I am motivated by many things. I am motivated to get out of bed because I want to do good in school and excel. Now especially, motivation is coming into play more than ever. I am dying to finish with good grades for graduate school which has truly kept me focused on what I needed to accomplish this semester.
Although it is hard to stay on track as a college student, I believe I have kept myself in line for the most part. I have found coming to college really gives you more independence than you have ever prepared yourself for. In high school, I had no desire to do anything. I didn't want to go college, let alone high school. I could barely ever wake up for high school and I know if it wasn't for my mother I would have never been there. So now I look back, 4 1/2 years ago and wonder.. how did I even make my way through college? As a 17 year old I never wanted to go to high school and now as a 22 year old I can't even skip class without feeling guilty. So I'm starting to now believe that motivation comes along with age... and that is a good feeling.
Back to my high school example, I never wanted to attend college when I was that age. I told myself I'd make it through by doing whatever I could do to get by. Now, I study for hours on end and obsess over making everything that I do perfect. Where did this all come from !? So, now I'm graduating college, and I want to go to graduate school next fall. I keep surprising myself more as I age because I feel I want so much more for my life. I am truly motivated because I know what I am capable of achieving. I never thought I'd see the day I'd make it to college and now I'm filling out job and graduate school applications. I've listened to people tell me I could never accomplish things because I do not have the motivation or the skills. I have now proved everyone wrong along the way and I must say, it feels so good.
It seems to be that motivation comes harder for me. I know I am not as easily motivated as others, but I often try to work towards everything I can. I know I have previously mentioned a few times how often weight and motivation have been a big part of my life, but it truly is. Whenever I'm feeling lazy or unmotivated to go to the gym I always tell myself how worth it is to do so, usually a few times. But, eventually I go and motivate myself to work as hard as I should. This motivation has paid off because over the last few years I have lost about thirty pounds and kept most of it off (which I must say is extremely hard to do in a college environment). But as a college student and a young adult, I'd say my motivation is finally where it should be and I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far, and hope I can only continue to be motivated to do more for my future.

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  1. How strange is it to say that only a few years ago (or so it seems), we were in high school, preparing for graduation and entering the "real world." It's sad to say that THAT was not the real world- this is. Having to get a REAL job, pay REAL bills and rent and having to manage as a REAL adult! It's scary how time flies. But I totally agree with you in saying that I am so proud of how far I have come and how much I have accomplished. At 24 years old, I am very independent and I hope that by achieving these goals, I can achieve the next set of goals in the future.