Monday, December 13, 2010

Gangs Become Surrogate Families

Gangs Become Surrogate Families — Video#gangs-become-surrogate-families

Maslow believes that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs and in order to satisfy the higher needs, you must first satisfy the lower needs, in order to reach self-actualization in life. One cannot act unselfishly until certain needs are met. Belonging is third in the hierarchy of needs. Humans naturally need to feel a sense of safety and belonging early on and if this need is not met, a person will accept it from anywhere. Gang induction is a perfect example of how children are looking for love and a sense of belonging so they turn to gangs who give them what they need emotionally, but also have the person participating in illegal activities.


  1. I think you made a great point with children and their need of belonging. To reach self actualization it is important for anyone, not just children, to reach all things to feel safety and love. Gangs seem to be an answer for some children, although it is not the correct one.

  2. This is really interesting because it is so true. People, especially children need to feel a sense of belonging and by joining this gang they will feel as if they are accepted. This is also true for other groups like Nazi's or the KKK.

  3. This is interesting because I agree that people do join gangs and groups to make them feel like they have a family. I myself joined a sorority when I was having family troubles. People have a natural desrie to feel like they belong to something. When family members do not recieve enough love, understanding and support at home, they may turn to groups, gangs, clubs or whatever to meet that need. So, famillies out there LOVE ONE ANOTHER to prevent gangs from continuing.