Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Final Post- The Honeymoon Effect

     The honeymoon effect means within a marriage or relationship there exists high rates of passion and intimacy in the beginning. After a certain period of time as the length of marriage goes on the passion seems to decrease or perhaps in some cases even comes to a hault. I would have to say many people could contest to this as it being something they have experienced at a certain point in time. This could also be something someone is experiencing as we speak. It is yes very sad and many times results in termination of the marriage or relationship.

     This effect and defect certainly comes from ones emotion and mood. One could be experiencing more downs than ups in the relationship which in turn can be built up over time. After a period of built up from dissapointment one of the people in the relationship could call it quits because their needs are not met. This can all stem back to the model of self actualization. Within the self actualization model one needs many aspects to feel complete and whole. The need to feel wanted and safe from your partner are major things when it comes to ones self esteem.

     We cannot really think of two people breaking up to be such a bad thing. Everyone needs to look at it as a positive thing because the chemistry had been lost. The honeymoon effect should be present for everyone at the start of their relations and should for the most be able to be rediscovered if lost. In the end if really boils down to one's emotions and what they are willing to put put. The motivation needs to be there with both partners.




  1. I believe all couple experience the "honey moon effect." I can tell from experience that my boyfriend and I have gone through it. We are definitely not as passionate as we used to be, but we keep our romance alive by affection, common interests, loyalty, trustworthiness, and occasional passion.

  2. I agree, this is definately a phase every couple passes through but the end of the phase does not have to mean the end of the relationship. There are ways to keep the relationship alive but it takes effort from both sides

  3. its really sad that some couples arent able to find the romance and spark that they once had. if they try to keep things alive but cant get back into their grove its definitely time to call it quites. i hate when i hear people talk about their partner and relationship and its all bad things and yet they stay together for years. its almost like they think they wont be able to find someone else but im sure theres someone better out there for them