Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Post

When I signed up for this class I honestly thought that we were going to learn things such as how to motivate people or maybe how to motivate ourselves a little better. I never imagined that motivation included so many components. I had no idea that self esteem, emotions and personality traits had anything to do with motivation. I previously thought that some people wer not motivated just because they were lazy, now I have a better understanding of people and possibly why they seem to have no motivation. I learned that I can not only be motivated to go to school but I have to apply it in my everyday life, to exercise is an example. If the incentive was of importance to me I would have done it already. One would say I am not motivated, but change will come!

My favorite part of the class I would have to say was the section on procrastination. I chose procrastination because I am an admitted procrastinator. I could relate to that section the most out of any others. The book says that it basically means "to put off until tomorrow, what you could have done today". I know that I procrastinate and I know that I could be doing something that needs to be done but I just put it off. I find everything else that needs to be done before I do what really needs to be done. The fact that I actually read it in this book and had to say it out loud (or type it out loud rather) makes me feel that I need to make a change. Stress levels are higher when "crunch time" comes around and it's all unnecessary. Procrastination is not a positive effect on motivation and I must reach the goals that I set, big or small.

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