Monday, December 6, 2010

Exercise Addiction

Although this may not sound like a serious addiction it can turn into something that can hurt your body and relationships. Too much of any kind of exercise can be bad for your body but the book mainly focus' on running. Running can take up hours of time if you let it and can also lead to injuries. The "runners high" that people feel is actually just endorphins that the body uses sometimes during exercise. Sometimes people can feel a sort of withdrawal from not running and they may experience things such as anxiety, irritability, and depression. People may feel ignored because of their running which in turn would ruin relationships if taken to a greater extent. Another thing that the book talks about is that this could also effect your financial status by you skipping work to exercise. I feel that most people that are physically active may have at least a little addiction to exercise. I know that I am at least partially addicted because on days that I do not exercise I feel like I did not get anything accomplished that day and I might feel more ancy since I did not get to get rid of some of that energy.


  1. I agree. When you get into a routine of working out daily, its scary how missing a day makes you feel. You feel anxious and almost feel like you did something wrong by not going. This is the way I feel anyway, and I agree that this addiction can be just as harmful as addiction. Too much of anything is bad for your body, especially when you ware it down so much

  2. I agree with this post and the comment too. Working out makes you feel so good and when you miss a day it really just doesn't feel like that good of a day. I usually get a little mad at myself for skipping the gym or not going for that run. I will sometimes really obsess over it and beat myself up and not to mention feeling bad about my body that day. I can really relate to people with an exercise addiction because it really does make you feel great about yourself when you are doing it.