Monday, December 13, 2010

Final Post Procrastination

As you can tell by the time that I am posting this I know a thing or two about procrastination. I'm pretty sure all college students procrastinate at some point because the life of a college student is very crazy sometimes. One reason that procrastination is so much worse in college is that for some reason all teachers like to give you all of your work in the same week. Not only finals week but that random week in the middle of the semester when you have 3 tests and 4 papers due. If we did not procrastinate it would probably be a lot easier on us but than we would also have less friends and social experiences, which is essential when attending college so you can remain sane.

Something that I thought was really interesting in the book was that they talk about the positives and negatives of procrastination. Since it is a college level book I would assume that they would tell us that we should never procrastinate and they would list all of the negative effects but they actually go into detail about the positives and negatives of it. There was an experiment done in which they divided students into procrastinators and nonprocrastinators. They asked them throughout the semester how stressed they were and they recorded the results and put them in a graph on pg 177 of our book. It basically shows that procrastinating becomes more stressful the closer you get to the deadline. After seeing this I think that I am still going to continue to procrastinate because I would prefer to have all of my stress at once instead of being mildly stressed throughout the whole semester.


  1. I am a terrible procrastinator as well and I really like that you mentioned this study. After I read it I agreed too, I would much rather procrastinate and save all my stressing and worrying for the end of the semester. I think that I do best under pressure and when I leave everything till the last minute I am forced to worry and try my best to complete a task. I would much rather have a prolonged period of being stress free with intermittent periods of craming and worrying than spend a whole semester under mild stress.

  2. I completely agree with this procrastination post! Hopefully it is something we grow out of after college..

  3. I think that we all procrastinate at some point in our lives especially when you always have something that is on your mind (i.e. school) I was never really a person to procrastinate until recently because I have a lot going on and it is just making me sometimes forget that the end is near and I have to persevere. Great post!