Monday, December 13, 2010

Procrastination.. at it's finest

In Chapter 10 procrastination came up and this part especially stood out to me. I always for some reason wait until the last second, for every possible thing. If it comes to me paying a bill, I wait until the very last day even if I have all of the money in my account the day I get the bill in the mail. When it comes to school work, that is where procrastination is at it's FINEST!
This post could be a prime example. The last few weeks I literally had nothing to do. No papers, no tests, nothing. So this week I now have a million assignments due and I have waited until the very last minute to begin them all! I always say how much I hate waiting until the last second to do something, but I always end up doing it. I hate the idea of pressure, but I feel like I can only work under so much of it. I always say to myself that I won't wait or I'll organize my schedule out so I'm not panicking about getting everything accomplished but it never happens. However, I do believe that procrastination is something one eventually grows out of (at least I'm telling myself this) and learns to deal with it more effectively as they mature.


  1. HAHAHA I really enjoyed this post! I myself have procrastinated before whether it was out of sheer laziness or because of anxiety. I think that sometimes people procrastinate because they actually subconsciously enjoy or like the pressure. Having to complete a task last minute or waiting to pay a bill til the last minute gives some people an adreniline rush because they like the excitement and stress it causes not knowing if they will be able to finish or get things in on time. It sounds screwed up but it is true. A person's subconscious can be a crazy thing!