Monday, December 6, 2010


(Drug) Priming in the book is related to the Pringles slogan that reads, "I'll bet you can't eat just one." When it comes to drugs, the best reply to that dare is always, "how much you wanna bet?" The reason for that is because once you take that bet and try that chip, your chances of eating the whole entire can become much greater than if you never even popped the top, especially if you have even a slight history of Pringle addiction. Easier said than done I know, but not impossible by any means. Avoidance of drugs is obviously the best way to stay clean and sober but how come once addicts quit they often fall so hard back into these habits? All that time and hard work put into quitting can be flushed down the drain with just one drink, just one fix, just one line, or even just one drag of a cigarette. That first taste back into their old ways is the most dangerous one because it primes them for more and makes them crave more. The chances of it being just one more pringle are very slim, which is why that funny little moustache fella is willing to bet that once you pop you won't stop. Which is an even better example of priming because according to that line it isn't even the first chip that hooks you, but just the popping of the top of the can. So for an alcoholic just the sight of a drink could set them off and make them crave a drink. Not the best news for anyone with a cocaine problem who has to look in a mirror every day; I hope they carry a credit card because dollar bills might not be the best idea. So like that crappy song says the first cut really is the deepest, so avoid bandaids all together and just try to keep that freshness seal on your pringle cans folks.

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