Friday, December 10, 2010

College Stressors-Post #5

As every college student knows, midterms and finals are the most stressful. The costs on an individual’s body and life as a whole are quite high. The stress of getting good grades or the need to pass the class can take a toll on ones psychological, physical, and emotional energy. Constant consumption of coffee and energy drinks in order to pull those all-nighters. Although caffeine is not the only item in our food pyramid, the others do not have any nutritional value, those late night trips to Wawa. Sometimes, students even rely on other unorthodox means to stay awake and after may start to heavy drinking to relieve stress. The stressors that schools cause can be quite detrimental to an individual’s health.


  1. I definitely agree that the course load of college and work can take a toll on one's stress. It is vital that students use more effective means to prepare and endure the work, instead of resorting to caffeine, or other unhealthy methods. Even to relieve stress it is important to try natural and healthy ways, such as taking a walk, going for a run or just taking a night to spend with friends.

  2. I agree with this partially because I am a college student and I know what it is like. What many college students do not mention however is that there are plenty of times that instead of actually studying for a test we will go out and have a good time and worry about it the next day. Instead we just do both extremes of this scale and cram for hours and hours and then drink heavily to rebalance this out.