Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Motivation

Everybody has experienced motivation in their life somehow or another. Whether it is from an outside force or your own force, each and every one of us feels the need to reach some sort of accomplishment in our everyday lives. This class has taught me the different kinds of motivations we go through and some of the things that affect our emotions which in turn affect the way we accomplish a goal. For example, the affect of a smile, smiling is a contagious emotion of happiness. You could be in a bad mood walking down the hallway when you look up to see a smiling face that greets you good morning. That one face could make you do the same to someone else, and the chain goes on from there. A smile can trick your body into being in a happy mood; therefore your goals you wanted to achieve that day have now a better chance of being done with more effort. If you were to continue being in a bad mood you would probably cause most of your goals not being done or done with little effort.

Your goals do not have to be huge achievements such as being a millionaire. They can be small little achievements like going to bed ten minutes earlier so you do not feel as tired in the morning. My favorite video in this class was “Kids and the marshmallow test”! This video showed kids trying to have self control and not eat the marshmallow until the lady came back, that way they received two marshmallows. Self control is a big factor in what type of goal you can reach.

One person in my life I have seen concur her greatest self control was my grandmother. For over twenty years she was an alcoholic. She went to rehab once and after being released she became an in the closet alcoholic. A few years back the doctor told her if she did not stop drinking she would only have 6 months to live. Being told your life would end in less than a year was a big enough wake up call to her that she needed to regain back her life and control her habit. She went into rehab and now is 3 years sober. I am very proud of her and tell her as often as I can how proud I am of her. Having such a positive feedback from not only me but my whole family as well has helped her continue not falling back in her habit.

Though I am very proud of my grandmother the next person I am proud of is myself (not to be conceded). I have come from a single family home and the first person in my entire family to graduate college (in May 11). To get to the level I am at now took much motivation in myself to continue. When I get into a rut and think about dropping out I think about some of the things people have said to me that did not believe in me to continue to strive and prove them wrong. These last four years took much persistence, courage, and even some procrastination to get me through. My greatest goal right now in my life is to graduate in May and prove to myself; if I want something bad enough I can get it! I am even given myself a present after by treating myself to a vacation on an island somewhere ;).

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