Thursday, September 30, 2010

Psychoactive Drugs- Smoking

Okay Second Post..

The reading that caught my attention most was about the psychoactive drugs. I have a lot of friends with diffewrent drug addictions and it is very interesting to me why people chooses to do these things knowing the harm it can cause to their bodies. I myself have a nicotine and caffeine addiction but I'm working on quitting smoking.

Smoking cigarettes delivers nicotine to the brain which is the major psychoactive drug found in them. For those of you who do not know, smoke from cigarettes also contains ammonia, arsenic, and cyanide. The smoke also gives off carbon monoxide which is a colorless and odorless gas that is highly poisonous and prevents the blood from utilizing oxegyn.

When a smoker first trys it, they react negatively but eventually get used to it and enjoy it. I myself coughed and hated the first time buit then I got sucked in to the world of smoking. It can be very hard to quit because it does make you feel good after you do it. It helps to relax you and get through a busy and stressful day. Unfortunately, when people try to quit they can have serious withdraw symptoms such asirratibility, restlessness, anxiety, depression, hostility, difficulty concentrating and hunger.

Here is a little video I found comparing heroin and nicotine. It involves things we are also learning in perception so I thought everyone might find it interesting.


  1. I can relate to your story. I was a smoker and when I met my boyfriend who wasn’t a fan of it I decided to go cold turkey. It I as hard as they say, I found myself one day just taking a drive walking into Wawa and walking out completely oblivious to the fact what I just bought. It wasn’t until I lit it up that I realized what I was doing and that I quit! I told myself many times this will be the last pack but each time I found myself buying a pack. Though I do not buy packs anymore every so often I do find myself bumming cigs off people, so I can just get that one feeling of relief out of me. Doing that though I know is not going to help me be a completely smoke free person, who I will be one day.

  2. I too am a smoker and empathize. It is a habit that has proven very hard to break. I have tried at least a dozen times (Once I managed a whole year! And when I went back it only made the quitting process a thousand times harder). My problem is the associations (e.g going to bars, or being amongst friends who do the deed). No matter how hard I try I always give in and bum that one...telling myself I will only do it "this" time. It never works out that way though, and in the end, I go right back. It frustrates me and makes me feel weak (I guess I am). I wish they would just take the things off the market considering how toxic they are, but then the government would lose precious tax monies and how could we ever have that?