Wednesday, September 29, 2010


About a year or two ago I was catching up with a friend who I have not talked to in a few months. We were talking about school, life, where we see ourselves going in a few years, when she sudden said she had something to tell me. I was baffled to wonder what it could be, right off the bat I xed the thought she was pregnant because she wasn’t dating anyone. She than came to tell me she had met someone online. I thought ONLINE really he could be a murder, a pedophile, and crazy person, she for one is not someone who would do such a thing. Fast-forward to the present she is now engaged to this man she met online and are planning a summer wedding.

On Tuesday, when we were talking about selecting a mate I started to wonder about all the sites online that help you find the “perfect mate." Do these sites really work and if so how? One of the most popular sites I feel out there is eHarmony, so I began searching how they work.

When you go on the site you must register to become a member, after that you will be giving a survey with over a hundred questions that use up to 29 different dimensions to match you. Once that is all complete you can upload your picture and if you have not been rejected you can search through the matches they have given you. Now I am sure you may have been surprised when I just said you can proceed with the searching if you have not been rejected, right? Well many users after all the questions are complete, get a message telling them that there are no matches for them and are rejected from the site. That was a little surprising to me, but after I watched the video below, I realized those questions were all science based. Eharmony is rejecting people because they have not found a compatible person for them and do not want to waste anymore of the members time.


  1. That is pretty depressing if you get rejected! I know one kid who met someone online, but it did not work out between them. Did your friend find her fiance through E-Harmony? Also, how did you put the video on your post? I could not figure it out that is why my video is above your post!

  2. No she found him on some christian site I believe, but it was like eHarmony. But to get your video in, if you use youtube you will see this button under the video that says embed, click that and it will give you a code, jsut add that code to your post.