Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Personal History and Individual History as Sources of Motivation

The clip above is about Lance Armstrong. Lance is a loving father and husband, a multiple time winner of the Tour de' France, and a cancer survivor. Both his personal history and individual differences played a part in motivating him to do what he has accomplished this far in his life.
Personal history is the history of a person from conception throughout their life. Lance grew up with a poor, struggling mother who worked very hard to get through her rough patch. Although this was going on, Lance never saw the pain and stuggling she went through; he only knew that they did not have much money. Lance, himself, worked and struggled to win 7 Tour de' France titles, not to mention overcoming brain cancer. He, like his mother, did not show his pain struggle. He fought against it to show his children that he could be there for them.
Individual differences also played a part in his motivation to be where he is today. His motivation is his mother, wife, and children. His mother was his stability and role model. He wanted to succeed for her. His wife is his love and joy. He wanted to succeed to make her proud of him. Lastly, he wants to show stability for his children. He wants to be the best father he can be and by him succeeding, it show his children that they can succeed too.

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