Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mate Value

I decided to do this weeks blog on mate value.  Mate value is the possession of characteristics that are desired by the opposite sex.  The higher your mate value is, the more appealing you are to the opposite sex.  The mate value consists of three components.  The three components are physical features, psychological characteristics, and a value system.  Physical features are the most noticeable in a person.  However, they fade over time and are ones to which the other person habituates (Deckers, 56).  The physchological characteristics take time to discover and are less likely to fade over time.  The mate value inventory was designed to match people up.  When interests and values are shared, it increases people's attraction to each other.  The mate value inventory is made up of eighteen traits.  The traits are then rated on a scale from -3 to +3.  Once a person gets into a relationship, they are going to want to guard it.  A person in a relationship needs to be aware of mate poaching.  "Mate poaching refers to the attempt to attract someone who is already in a romantic relationship in order to form either a short-term or long-term relationship with the pached individual" (Deckers, 61).  A survery indicated that nearly 60% of men and 40% of women have reported attempts at poaching.  "In addition, men are more likely than women to succumb to the temptations of short-term poaching" (Deckers, 61).  In class, we watched a YouTube video on mate value.  In the video, there were ten men and ten women.  Each person had a number between one and ten where they couldn't see it.  The number one was the least desired mate and ten was the most desired mate.  The men extended their hands to the women, and the women could either accept or deny their offer.  The goal was to get paired with the top mate, or closest to the top mate.  However, if the woman was too selective, she got whatever number was left.  This relates to matel value because people want the best of the best to mate with.  In the video, they were looking for certain traits just like on the mate value inventory.  I agree with the mate value inventory.  I agree with it because in a way, I use it when I am looking for a mate.  When I'm looking for a boyfriend, I am looking out for certain traits.  Some of the traits I look for are located on the mate value inventory.  Also, I feel that it is important that your mate and you agree on similar things.  One thing in particular is the desire to have children.  I know that I definately one day would like to have children.  In order for me to even consider dating a guy, I would need to know that they would want children one day to.  This is why I agree with the mate value inventory. 

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