Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mate Selection

   An interesting topic to me that was discussed today in class was the process in which we as a society select our mates. I feel that many of us do not really think about consciously the way in which we do so. The lecture and videos really brought to the surface the way we do and the structure that takes place. Mate value was discussed to be one person's characteristic that makes her or him more desireable to another person as a partner. I think that in some ways we recognize what we could have to offer, but then again there is a lot more behind the scenes action that does truly take place.

   The mate value inventory in which the way we viewed ourself can actually help not only ourselves, as stated but things to keep in mind when selecting a potential partner or mate. Sometimes as a society it seems evident we only look for certain aspects which could be money, ambition, or just good looks. I truly believe that of course we are always for the most part driven to the sexual attraction but there are other things that we take into account. The certain things that are taken into account include perhaps a situation we are currently in will shape and mend our vision for that particular moment in time. Many people do not want to admit it but someone who has money could certainly be more appealing than the driven hard worker who is just getting by.

   The video clips that we viewed were actually enlightening to point out what we seem to do in our subconscious. I know myself attractiveness is absolutely first on the list. It is obvious many people will lose their sex appeal over the course of time but initially in the beginning stages of a relationship it is very important.


  1. I really liked your post. I felt that the videos we had to watch in class today were very interesting as well. It was crazy to think that our bodies know what to be attracted to before we even realize why we liked him or her initially. I also agree with you that the beginning stages of a relationship are very important as well

  2. I,too, felt that the mate selection process was very interesting. I could not believe that in the video where the males rated a female's attractiveness based on voice, were actually the same woman. I did not even know that our voices changed during a woman's menstrual cycle, let alone it being more attractive to a male. I agree with you that when finding a mate, there is a lot more than just finding someone who is desirable. It runs deeper, and almost becomes an innate reason on why we select the mates we do.