Monday, September 20, 2010

Motivation vs Procrastination

As fun, cute, and great as my HP mini may look, it does not give me the incentive to do my school work. But it does motivate me to do other things. Regardless, if the other things I use it for are not as educational. You will be amazed at how Facebook can at times, be very informative. Whether is re-connecting with an old friend or viewing pictures of a friend of a friend’s friend, (not that I do that). And if you have not tried searching YouTube for funny videos, then you do not know what you are missing. It would be like visiting an amusement park and not getting on the rides (which I am guilty of).

Nevertheless, getting to the real matter, I seem to have a lack of motivation in regards to college assignments, (or getting on roller coaster rides). I am just not motivated to do homework. There isn’t any stimulus that attracts me to do homework. I am also speculating that there isn’t much of a reinforcer either. However, I do get my school work completed (and just in time too). College students and people who attended college can identify to this predicament as being procrastination. To my defense, I have attempted to do things ahead of the deadline, and it just doesn’t work well for me. I heavily rely on the pressure due to the time limit.

As I understand it, in my case, this is how motivation occurs: there has to be a motive, an incentive, or a goal in order to do my assignment(s). Now, let’s work backwards on this. Let’s say my goal or incentive is to attain a decent grade in the class therefore, my motive is to turn in my assignments

and accumulate as much points. To tie it all in, I do agree that motives are based on behavior, or better yet on subjective feelings. Since, I frequent online sites that have nothing to do with my task rather than doing the task, there must be for a reason for it, right? Well, what if the motive for searching and finding bogus stuff online compared to doing work was to release stress. Assignments mean the complete opposite, to me, it means pressure. Therefore, my previous emotions of happiness and continuous laughter drive me to visit sites such as Facebook and YouTube again and again. Though it deters me from doing my homework, it is clear why I am less motivated to do homework in my HP mini.


  1. This is so true, I bought a mini laptop to take notes in class, I check my facebook and my email and play games more than pay attention. Social networking sites are directly related to my procrastination.

  2. Agreed,

    Social Networks trap students in a mind Freak. They have many different way's to attract users to stay logged in to generate more profit from Advertisers.