Monday, September 20, 2010

Motivating Anger

We've all experienced a vast amount of emotions throughout our lives, whether it be happiness, anger, sadness, love, hate, fear, embarrassment, guilt, shame. By feeling these ways, we become driven into action that are critical for the active emotion. However, it's unethical to test some of these intense emotions, such as anger, fear, hate; we cannot force people to feel these ways in a lab, therefore we must resort to investigating them as they happen within natural settings.

I consider this unfortunate sometimes, because one emotion that always intrigued me that I could never understand was anger, and testing it isn't really an option. I grew up with a father who was in the Army, and as supportive and caring as he was, he had THE WORST anger from being in the military. This isn't uncommon, I'm sure everyone have experienced angry people in their life, but it just always made me wonder. I have never in my life physically damaged anything, hit anyone, thrown anything, verbally hurt anybody, despite how angry I could be. And yet, there's some people that resort to that. Why? What motivates one person to act in anger one way, and another handle it a completely different way? I know it's basically a matter of how we just are composed as people, but why do some people consider physically or verbal aggression a satisfying reaction to anger, and some people don't? Why wouldn't we handle our emotions the same way, when emotions generally are the same?

Basically, I spent my whole life trying to keep my dad from getting angry about anything. My emotion of fear drove me into the actions of keeping him from getting mad. I remember one time he ripped his shirt right down the middle off of his body like the Incredible Hulk because I wouldn't show him something I did at school. It was nuts. Nowadays though, he's found other ways to cope with his anger, and hasn't done anything drastic like that in years. He kind of went through his own personal anger management, and now we just laugh when we think back to all the crazy things he used to do when he got angry. It still makes me wonder though, what went through his head back then that he had to act those ways, because he obviously is doing just fine now not having to act that way.

Emotions are way more intense than I think we realize sometimes, and alot of our actions can become motivated uncontrollably because we feel so strongly about something. I feel like that can be a good thing or a bad thing. I feel like when it comes to anger, there are certain actions like murder, rape, violence, that are not entirely consciously motivated, but yet still happen because we just want to fulfill the needs of that emotion. It's scary to think about it, but without emotion, we'd probably have no motivation to even want to live.
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  1. THe book says "A person's consciousness is often deluged with sensations like cold, hot, thirst, hunger, and pain. These sensations serve to motivate specific actions in order to alleviate their unpleasantness."

    I think that this is true and instead of writing my own post I wasnted to add to this one. I also understnadi thqat is is unethical to test certain intense emotions and I too have witnessed anger in the home. My mother has alot of issues she is unwilling to get help for and so she takes things out on me. High school was when things starting getting worse. She is conctantly putting me down and saying mean things because she is unable to control me and how I think. I guess you could say her anger motivates her to behave in the way she does. Then you have my dad who grew up in a strict family setting and who just finished 30+ years in the F.B.I. and also went Afganistan on special business. He probably has P.T.S.D. and sometimes his anger makes him throw things and yell. My emotions miotivate me to leave the situations when the occur and retreat back to school. Also because of my family I'm more motivated then ever to prove them wrong when they doubt I'll finish.

    Emotions help motivate us to survive. If we did not react to things emotionally. we would be just like the animals. We need to be carfeul however when we let our emotions be our motivation. We have to make sure that its influencing our decisions in a postive way other ways things can spiral out of control.

  2. Emotions totally help motivate us and its crazy that some people act in stuch drastically diferent ways. Part of me wishes we could test things like anger in a lab because there could be such great things that could come from it. What if we could figure out a way to comepletely disapate anger without the use of things like tranquilizers. I think it would be pretty cool to get to the heart of emotions and figure them out. However its unethical so it wont happen, but it doesnt take away the fact that it would still be pretty awesome.