Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st Blog

Last semester by far was the worst semester of my LIFE!! I had this one class (not going to mention names or what class) but let me tell you it was the class of Satan!! I came to class everyday telling myself this day will be better and I left that class almost crying because it only got worst. I was pushing myself to limits I did not even know I could push myself to at least get a C. I would try to ask questions and hopefully get on the right track but I felt as if every time I thought I was doing well, I just got shot right back down.

I finally told myself you can only be the best you can be and no matter the grade it is what it is. I tried; I pushed myself to limits of frustration and anger towards this class that finally I realized it was two weeks till the semester ended and it was almost over. I motivated myself to stay in that class long enough to make it this far, I was not giving up than. I finally started feeling relief when I was getting back papers and tests that were much higher than they were in the beginning of the semester. The day I handed in my final paper was a day of happiness I did not feel all semester and the day I received my grade of a B (mind you I was aiming for a low C), I realized all that pushing and pulling myself to the end result really paid off in the end.

Walking into my classes this semester I had a new and improved attitude. When times get a little rough I just keep reminding myself of that class and just think, if I can make it through that class I can make it through any class! It also helps a little that it is my senior year and nothing is stopping me from graduating in the spring!

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  1. Ive been there. Being stuck in a class where you dont think you can make it out alive is by far one of the most difficult things to face here. I had a similar experience my first semester at stockton. I was a transfer so I knew the drill and I had never dropped a class I figured I would ge golden. As the semester continued I realized that my Professor was.. a horrible human being. I dropped the class because I could not motivate myself to stick it out. Had I stayed who knows what grade I would have received. I regret withdrawling a ltitle because I know I could have pushed myself through if I was motived enough but I wasnt. The class didnt make a difference as far as my corses go, only made it better because I got to take other G classes that were more interesteing. I do consider it one of the best decisions Ive made while here.