Friday, September 17, 2010

Motivation in hard times

During these times of the economic downfall and loss of jobs, it is very hard for people to stay motivated. Sometimes motivation can seem so far out of reach to the point where one does not want to get up in the morning because the demands are too high and the expectations of life can be overwhelming. Something has to keep us going as Americans, to help us overcome this time when all seems to fall from around us. In the link in the last line of my entry, Tony Robbins describes the ways we can keep our motivation.

As Americans, we have been blessed to be at times of greatness, power, and to have the opportunities to live the life we always wanted to live. Along with our freedoms, we were able to buy affordable houses and cars that fit our lifestyles, along with having the resources to raise our children in a suitable environment. In this time of the economic trajedy, it is important to find our motivations, even through misery.

As mentioned in class, our emotions can serve as motives. It has been interesting, as well as sad to see the outcome on our motivation after the economic downfall. Now, more than ever, there is a fear that people can't make ends meet and there will not be as much support as there was before. There are challenges and opportunities as well during this time and people can act on their emotions in a positive or negative way. Tony Robbins does a great job in summarizing the challenges we are facing and how to change our way of thinking. "We're stronger than we think we are and we can train ourselves to take advantage of the tough times," - T.R.

- Marguerite Gavin

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