Thursday, September 30, 2010

Difficulties in defining 'Universal' Motives

Universal Motives

All human begins share common motives such as sex, love, belonging, and the ability to acquire food. But as some motives stem to be universal, others may not be shared motivational traits. An example of this would be an education, because not everyone desires a college diploma. Also having money is questionable, but money allows the human to acquire universally desired materials such as food and shelter. It’s obvious that this differs from culture to culture, so determining “universal motives” must be generalized by all mankind desires. Here you may comment if money is a universal motive?

The Amish Mennonite is a traditional sub-group in Pennsylvania. The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress, and don’t value evolved technology such as electricity. Also children graduate school in the 8th grade to begin farm working for family food.

Our DNA make-up and our presented environment play major roles towards our source of motivation. All human’s have a drive to 1.) Reproduce, 2.) Maintain Health (live longer), and 3.) Fear (snakes, spiders, heights, est.). Human’s will always value survival, which can be easily understood through Freud’s fundamental physiologic response theory “ fight or flight”. Do you value Amish living? Do you think Amish children will fight for their traditional ways of living, or will they fly away into the modern world?

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