Sunday, September 19, 2010

Persistence Hunting

After watching the video on Persistence Hunting I was intrigued to find more information on it. It turns out that many archaeologists believe that most if not all hunting tribes began this way. Wikipedia says it developed over two millions years ago before people learned how to hunt with weapons. They has so much stamina and desire to live that they learned how to overcome their handicap in short bursts and learned how to travel over long distances to wear out their prey.
If you ask me, that is true motivation. Most people wouldnt dream of being able to travel that far using those types of instincts. However, over millions of years people adapted to this nature if they wanted to live. One thing I found interesting is that our hairless bodies make it easier because we can sweat and not be worn down in the intense heat. Everything in life is naturally motivated to succeed. The biggest motivating factor for success is survival and we all need to survive. Motivation is like a second instinct for the human race and it is very evident.
There have been many times in my life where motivation has influenced a key decision. I played sports in high school and played two years of college football. As a highschool football player, you go to school with your team mates and have known most of them your whole life. When we played we played for each other and that was motivating. You play for your school, family, and coaches and you are motivated by the home town. When I got to college I didnt have as much motivation. You don't know anyone and school requires more attention than the sport. Not being able to play for a lot of reasons, its hard to be motivated.
School is also a motivating factor. I want to succeed later in life which is plenty of motivation to do well. Although it takes a lot for me to get motivated for tests and homework, I know that I must if i plan on succeeding. It is evident when I am not motivated because my work will be subpar.

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