Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Primitive Instincts

It was discussed in class that animals protect their food, hunt their food, and gather their food. Humans were said to not do these things. Humans find their food by buying it. They are the only species that cook their food and they sit down to eat.
Although this statement is true, it is only true because of the resource of food that is available to humans. If the food source was scarce like it can be for animals, or if humans still hunted and gathered their food their actions would be different. When in movies it is portrayed to be the end of the world the humans turn to their animal instincts. This would be true if the situation would occur.
I disagree with the statement made in class. If humans were presented with a situation that animals are presented with everyday they would act on their animals instincts. Humans would fight for food and do whatever they could to get it if it wasn't as available as it is today. Although they may still cook their food, and sit down to eat; they would still fight for food and turn to animal instincts.

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