Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fears. Everyone has one, now what can we do about them?

"Don't be afraid of failure. It is part of the process. What you should be afraid of, is fear itself"

We have learned in class that the concept of fear is normal and necessary to survival. We all have fears, while yes some may have more then others, it is the fear that keeps us alive. Some fears are normal such as the ones that are built for self-preservation. For example, the fear of running into a busy freeway or jumping off a cliff or bridge without any safety gear is considered a normal fear. It is because of these fears that we are able to stay away from harms way. Even though fears are often a good thing, the fear of failing is one of the most crucial.

The fear of failing creates unrealistic scenarios in your mind that will keep you away from completing a big goal or dream one has for themselves. While life is not always sunny, happy, and easy, it is important to allow yourself to reach your goals. Because there are always bumps on the road, one will need to prepare for the obstacles and setbacks that they will encounter in order to reach your dreams.

Failure is only described when one gives up. Imagine all of the times we have been afraid of something and it held you back. Statistics say that 90% of what we were afraid of never actually come to pass. It is the fear that holds us back from doing something. The best way to stay motivated during these times is to deal with them head on. When something scares you, do not turn around and go back, take a closer look instead. Whatever it was you were afraid of wont be as scary anymore when you see it up close. For example, if you have a fear of being laid off from your job, start by facing it head on. Be prepared and start saving and being cautious with your money. You will be ready for your fear and you will be able to see your fear downsizing and then slowly fading away. Be motivated for whatever bumps the road throw out you and face your fears head on.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, it was inspirational. I feel that many of us in society need to stand up to our fears and realize that in the act of doing so build within us confidence. Many of us give up before even trying to attain the goal if something gets in the way. Ignoring our problems or fears never really gets us anywhere.

  2. Fear truly can be a devastating emotion that tears at the life of all. Your post was, as Lauren said, very inspirational. It is important to keep motivated and push through one's fears. Facing them head on can be frightening, but once accomplished, the results will be more than satisfying.