Thursday, September 16, 2010

Motivation for Graduating

I am finally in my last semester at Stockton and this could not make me any more content! I have been in college now for five and a half years and am overdue for a degree, but alas, the moment is truly happening. I remember when I first started college, four universities ago, and I felt that I would be in this vicinity for the remainder of my years. Now that I can see the finish line ahead, I know that the time and sacrifice put into school was more than well worth it. This is where motivation ties in with graduating.

I have always been one to enjoy school and learning, so the motivation to continue with a higher education has been in existence, however, the motivation to get a significant GPA was not. I had never felt this slacking feeling before, but I have to admit, it was kind of adventurous not studying! Well lo and behold, this adventure lead to my first BAD grade! It was my second semester of college, where I attended my second university. I never once got below a B until this point. I eventually picked up the grades again in my third university that I attended, but once I got to Stockton, I went back to getting mainly Cs. I suppose my motivation was to just simply get by, until I realized I wanted to go on to graduate school. I new something had to change if I wanted to get into graduate school and that something was my GPA and my motivation for it. Now, for the past three semesters I have been completely motivated on being the student I always was and needless to say, the story has a happy ending...I picked up my GPA and have applied to graduate schools. I have been entirely motivated to finish Stockton with not simply a degree, but to know that I tried my best. I am one hundred and ten percent motivated to not only cross the finish line but finish in full stride.

Motivation Before:

Motivation After:

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  1. I feel your pain on that one. I have been there where studying didnt look like the greatest thing to do. My first experence with a bad grade came in high school. I got a D in spanish and realized I would being an idiot. I got motivated to keep my grades up ever since then, not to mention a verbal lashing from my parents to help motivate me. Theres nothing better though then when you can see the finish line and know that all your hard work is about to pay off.