Sunday, December 9, 2012

Section #5

In Section #5 of “Endurance,” the men finally make landfall and at this point you start to think that things are going to look up, but of course that isn't the case. Just like every other time in this book, anything that could go wrong, does and will go wrong. The absolute worst part of this section in my mind though is when a few of the men are forced to make a journey to go get help and most leave the others behind. I would not want to be involved in either party obviously and would not even consider going on this journey for millions of dollars, but I could not even imagine being the men who were left to stay behind. The anticipation of sitting back waiting for a rescue crew that may never come would be absolutely terrible, and this is only made worse by the fact that if the men do not make it back at some point, they do not even have a boat to attempt to flee the island themselves. To make matters worse, the conditions in which the men are living in (the cave) sounds absolutely awful in every way, but having to empty the piss bucket with the little bit of light they have without waking anyone else up and being forced to go into the freezing cold just makes the matters so much worse. These men truly have an amazing will to live despite everything they have been through they somehow stay optimistic (at least in comparison to how I know most men would be) and their ability to keep it together despite how terrible everything has been and keeps getting absolutely astonishes me. 

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  1. This part of the book makes me the most frustrated. I have had more to say about this section than any other one. The men are so close but still have to pull together and continue on. As the end of the book nears you can almost feel how tired the men are and how bad they just want to be safe and warm once again.