Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Post #5

Even after all that they have been through Shackleton decides to pick a few men and take a trip to find Southern Georgie. This to me is incredible. I would think that finally when the men reseach land on Elephant Island they would want to take as much time to rest as possible. These men have to be beyond crazy by now. Atleast the men left behind can enjoy some land, sleep, and food. However if I was them I would worry about Shackleton and the guys who went onward. I would almost rather be with Shackleton on another adventure than stuck back waiting.


  1. I agree with you James. I would not have stayed behind. I mean, they made it that far so why stop now. After all that they have been through, what can possibly be the worst thing they go through. I would have kept pushing and went ahead with Shackleton.

  2. I also agree, in that, the atleast the men who went with Shackleton are working towards a goal, which is easier on the mind than going through the mental suffering of waiting for something that may never happen.

  3. I partly agree. They deserved a break after all of that. Even though they still have a little bit to do (like get rescued), they came a long way and they needed to rest so that that their brain could also get rest and they could wake up and be able to think straight.